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21 Secrets of Millionaires

My friend Mark Anastasi is a very clever young man. He is my age (early 30s), he is author of the NY Times Number 1 Best Selling book – ‘The Laptop Millionaire’ – which I am featured in, BTW 🙂 And, he has built a highly successful, multi-million dollar business, in which he works part-time, from his home in Cyprus. He travels the world, lives the good life and has written a nifty little ebook that can help you make more money.

This ebook – ’21 Millionaire Secrets’ is not a tactical ‘how-to’ guide (his seminars and webinars and book are full of how-to info however), but rather it presents the mindset attributes that multi-millionaires have. Some simple shifts that, if you apply, could make all the difference to your income.

Check it out for free here below and leave me a comment. What’s your biggest ‘aha’ moment from reading this?

Mine was that self-love=wealth. Contentious I know but true I believe. What do you reckon?

Laura 🙂


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