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3 Crucial Online Business Productivity Tips

You know what it’s link working online…it’s so easy to get DISTRACTED!!!

I really think this is why 90+% of all online businesses fail. Because of the endless array of things to divert our attention on the big wide world of the web!

So, here’s my tips of how YOU can keep yourself on the straight and narrow – accomplishing more in 4 hours than 8 hours, being free from the lure of Facebook and the latest new ‘shiny object’ push-button software that you MUST have in order to grow your business to millions in the next month 😉

Here’s what this means for us, as business owners who can pretty much choose our working shcedule: You’ll get a LOT accomplished in 2-4 hours of work per day and can take the rest of the day off – go for a walk, meet with friends, go shopping, watch YouTube videos, read, meditate, eat dates, do some offline networking or whatever you fancy doing.

I use a couple of really great apps and I use a KILLER secret way of working that I learnt from Eben Pagan, the clever chap.

This is awesome, watch and apply at your peril – be warned your productivity will sky rocket!!

Have a  great day


P.S, What’s your productivity tips? Do you have any useful apps you use? Let me know in the comments below


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