About iBrand Boost

Hi, I’m Laura Wilson – Owner & Founder of iBrand Boost and the Website Profitability service packages.

I have been running successful internet-based businesses since 2008 (my flagship niche site is www.Alkaline-Diet-Health-Tips.com) and I set up iBrand Boost in 2009, to help other small and medium businesses to maximise their profits by improving their website and online presence and content.

Our offices are based in Devon, UK and we have a small team of marketing, publishing, admin and events staff. We reach a global audience – our customer and subscriber base is worldwide, that’s the beauty and leverage of using the internet for business, right?

Our Mission:

We provide training in online marketing strategies and systems for business owners, so that they are much more profitable with much less resources.

Our no-fluff, step-by-step, proven online marketing strategies can help you maximise the profits already easily available to you in your business.

Who We Serve:

I can help you if you are:

  • A small business owner who knows the value of online marketing and the leverage and extra income the internet can provide to your business but not quite sure of a clear path to success and what tools to use (“…Should I be blogging, should I be on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube? How do I get lots of visitors to my website? How do I become a recognised authority in my marketplace online? How do I ‘productise’ my services? How do I outsource easily without the hassle of managing lots of staff?”)
  • Owner or marketing person of a bigger company and need strategic online marketing solutions – (“We need higher search engine rankings and a clear content creation strategy. What are the best online business systems to use? How do we grow our profits leveraging our existing resources?”)
  • Looking at starting an online business for an extra income stream – maybe part-time or to supplement a job (“Where do I start? How can I get profitable quickly and without needing huge funding sources? What market/niche do I go into?”)

What We Provide:

We provide both free and paid high-value information that will help you in growing an online business.

Our products are strategic, step-by-step, comprehensive and proven to work very effectively; I have used them in my own online businesses and provided services to our clients (we take on a few consulting clients per year currently).

We also hold offline seminars, such as the South West Online Wealth Summit.

8 Reasons Why You Can Trust The Information We Provide:

  1. We have been marketing online effectively for our own websites and our many clients’ websites since 2008. People seek me out to help them.
  2. I am chief online marketing consultant and SEO provider for multi-milion pound award-winning companies, including a world-leading mobile marketing & billing company – txtNation.
  3. I speak at large-scale marketing events and am invited to do so regularly – for example to a 500+ audience at Mark Anastasi’s Facebook Marketing Summit.
  4. I personally have multiple streams of passive income, mostly hands off. For example, I have sold over $20,000 of ebooks that I set up in a 3 week period and have rarely touched since. I can show you how to do this.
  5. There’s no risk! We offer lots of free info and video training – check it out and see if you think you like our style and how our products could help your business get to that next level.
  6. I regularly attend world-leading industry seminars in the US and Europe to learn cutting edge techniques and strategies.
  7. I network with other industry experts a lot and have them speak at my offline events – such as New York Time Best-Selling author Raymond Aaron
  8. We consume the latest information in the search engine optimisation (SEO) and online marketing fields and cut through the fluff and distill down the facts and bonafide strategies that work. (I studied Law at University and worked in legal policy-writing for 10 years before I set up my business you know 😉 )

Our Over-Arching Business Vision:

We inspire and empower people to live life to the fullest with the financial, emotional and health freedom that is 100% possible for all of us by showing the true success principles and roadmap, which are not widely taught by mainstream sources.

We provide well-researched, practical products and services, as well as lots of free information, delivered in a simple, authentic and beautiful way.

We reach a large global audience and provide valuable, life-enhancing information via our free online web content and videos, our coaching products, books, consulting services and seminars.

Our Business Beliefs:

  • Life is to be lived. People should enjoy the work they do and be able to make great money from it on their terms via a small business – with freedom for time off and flexible working.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners provide superb value to the community, economy and creative innovation. We support them becoming much more successful in delivering their value by implementing strategic online systems.
  • The information and attention age we are in means 2 things:
  1. We can leverage the internet to make money online from selling information products in our area of passion and expertise
  2. We are constantly being bombarded by information and therefore time, trust factor and comprehensiveness is valued at a premium
  • We believe that business should be simple, fun and hugely profitable
  • We believe that an internet business can be set up and profitable in a matter of weeks, with the correct strategic systems framework for each essential element
  • We believe that our training products provide a complete step-by-step simple system for a profitable online business at great a value price
  • We believe in karma and that everything in life is connected – including us as human beings – and we act accordingly, in good faith.

Thanks for taking the time to look around iBrand Boost.com – do subscribe for your free video training and newsletter. I look forward to helping you grow your online presence and profits.

For a more in depth bio about Laura Wilson, go here.

Laura Wilson, Owner & Founder of iBrand Boost