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Automated Webinars: Your Best Marketing Tool [Evergreen Business System review]


One of the very best online marketing tools you can have in your arsenal is an automated webinar. Seriously. Live webinars are fantastic but in recent years, the ability to play your webinar multiple times per week/day on total autopilot to your audience is just a business-owner’s dream. In this post, I’ll explain why and how…

A webinar is an online seminar – people log in at a specified time and listen/interact with your presentation – usually 60-90 minutes. You can run them live but it’s good to run them in a hand-off way too. The good thing about webinars is that if you offer one of your products or services for sale at the end of giving an hour of fantastic content, you get may buyers. The conversion rate is the beauty of the webinar.

If you’ve ever had a go at running your own live webinars, chances are you’ve used a Citrix online webinar software – GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar. These are great webinar tools and for live webinars, they’re still the industry standard. However, I have a few issues with running live webinars because of some recurring problems I’ve experienced and I’m not the only one…

The Big Problem With Live Webinars

There are ALWAYS technical hitches! I’ve yet to run a live webinar (and the same goes for the vast majority of webinars I’ve attended) where there hasn’t been some kind of technical issue – usually a sound issue. Not what you want when you’re trying to present your valuable content to a live audience of hundreds of people around the globe – totally frustrating and throws you off your flow at best and causes people to leave the webinar at worst.

Unfortunately there’s not much we can do about this, it’s dependent on all sorts of factors, including the attendee’s computer specs and number of people on the webinar, which is out of your control as the organiser.

5 Other Problems With Live Webinars

  1. Can be a high upfront investment – up to $499 per month for GoToWebinar
  2. Requires your time – you have to actually deliver the webinar at the scheduled time. This can be an unwanted commitment at times
  3. Unsociable times can inconvenience your audience ad reduce numbers. Assuming you have a global audience with differing time zones; 10am is good for your location but is 4am good for your foreign friends in outer Mongolia?! You can’t suit everyone.
  4. Only one or two ‘hits’ – live and replay
  5. You have no chance to refine/edit the delivery of your material

Enter: Automated Webinars

In the past couple of years, the webinar game has changed and has made things much more interesting. The advent of automation software has enabled us as online marketers to record a webinar and then ‘set and forget’ it to play to our subscribers and customers several times per day and/or week, at a convenience time in THEIR timezone. What a fantastic thing 🙂

When Mike Filsaime announced the release of Evergreen Business System in 2011, I bought straight away and have loved it ever since. Watch the video below for my full review of EBS – it’s the best automated webinar software around.

6 Reasons Why Evergreen Business System Automated Webinars Are So Good

1. You record in your own time and can edit it, then play ‘on demand’ to your audience
2. No technical glitches!
3. Much cheaper than GoToWebinar – EBS is currently only a $497 one-time fee
4. You can run several times per day/week – to suit all time zones and at convenience of each attendee, giving you greater reach
5. There is full integration with your Aweber autoresponder (and many other e-mail marketing services)
6. It’s hands off – automation at its finest!

Laura’s Video Review & Tutorial for EBS Webinar Software…

Your Webinar Cash Machine

If you do it right, your automated webinar should convert at between 10-50%. I’ve had webinars convert at 44% before, which is pretty good. NOTE: You need to follow a specific content delivery sequence for getting high conversions, I teach this and give you a full blueprint for how to run a profitable webinar in my Website Profits System, which is launching very soon).

When you have a  high-converting webinar, this is likely to be your highest converting and highest leverage marketing and sales material, so all roads should lead to it: Send your online and offline traffic to the webinar registration page.

Check out my video review and inside peek of the Evergreen Business System software above and then go buy it, it is a total investment that will reap you financial returns many, many times over.

Click here to go to Evergreen Business System Website


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  1. julie Says :
    Posted on March 11, 2014 at 00:46

    I agree. I’ve never taken one or done one that didn’t have technical glitches. Thinking about trying Evergreen.

    • Laura
      Posted on August 8, 2014 at 12:37

      yes exactly Julie! Did you try EBS yet?