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Framework For Online Business


I’ve been in online business since early 2008. Since that time and selling almost 1000 products online and consulting for multi-million pound clients and providing internet marketing services, I have come to realise that there are 8 elements to creating a successful, robust and automated online business.

I have created the Framework for Online Business which shows these 8 elements. This is what I use to build my brand and have used with my clients and is a proven model for creating leverage in your business. Apply the facets of this framework and you’ll see:

  • More traffic to your website
  • Better brand placement in your marketplace
  • More leads on autopilot
  • More sales on autopilot
  • More profits using less resources and time

You can also download the PDF version below


This is your online real estate, the central hub of your online brand. Whilst most websites are a cash-drain, you want yours to be a profitable workhorse for you.

Your home page should be uncluttered and have a Most Wanted Response (MWR) with a strong and clear Call to Action (CTA) – usually to subscribe to receive a Free Offer (digitally downloadable information product, such as an ebook or video) that you give to your visitor to build your e-mail list.

In building an e-mail list, you can develop rapport with your ideal customer, send valuable content to them and market your products and services.


  1. Perspective – Develop your expert authority perspective by studying your niche area intensively in a non-time consuming way. You appraise your competition in a smart way and add your own value to the marketplace, based on all things out there already and from your own elevated vantage point.
  2. Positioning – Establish your micro-niche. For example, instead of calling yourself a ‘personal trainer’, you are a ‘fitness coach that helps post-pregnancy women get back into shape in under 12 weeks’. Don’t try to appeal to everyone, target a specific audience so your ideal customer knows that you are speaking to THEM.
  3. Perfect Pitch – Develop a short, snappy, powerful and clear pitch that leaves people wanting to find out more about your business and your ideal customer eager to work with you.
  4. Presentation – How you present yourself, your products and your content online. Aim for professionalism, likeability, consistency of brand image and colours and content that is easy to consume and products that are easy to buy. Decide which media you will use predominantly – video, blog posts, audio, webinars, social media platforms etc.
  5. Product – You must have a product. Ideally it should be a digitally-downloadable ‘how-to’ product and sold directly from your website. For example, an audio training programme.
  6. Promotion – You must promote your products. Campaign them over a period of time, rather than sending out one-off pitches. Make your promotions value-driven and event-based for maximum effectiveness.

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The cornerstone of good online marketing is to teach and provide valuable information that will help your audience. Content marketing can take the form of website articles and blog posts, videos, audios and podcasts, reports and ebooks.

Since Google released its ‘Panda’ and ‘Penguin’ algorithm updates (the way they rank websites in the search results), content marketing and choosing good ‘keywords’ to target is even more important for search engine optimisation (SEO) than ever.


Traffic – visitors to your website – is the lifeblood of your online business. There are smart free and paid ways to get a steady stream of targeted visitors to your website, some examples include social media marketing, writing press releases, building your blog content and combining with some offline strategies.


By building an e-mail database of prospects and customers from your website, you are able to send out regular e-mail newsletters and information, providing extra content and product information to your audience.

There needs to be a good strategy to your e-mail marketing, in order to build and keep rapport with your list, as well as make sales and revenue from it.


One of the fastest and easiest ways to build scalability in your business, add more leverage and make more profits is to have your own info-product.

This is typically a digitally downloadable ‘how-to’ product, such as an ebook or video course, that can be sold and delivered via your website.

Once set up, it should make you sales on autopilot, cutting the link between your and your staff’s time and the money your business makes.


Having your own webinar is really essential if you want to see high conversions in your online business. Whilst sales pages convert around1-5%, a webinar (a live or recorded online seminar presentation to audience members) can convert at around 10-15% – I even held one that converted at 44% once.

They are great because you can provide lots of value and make good money – it’s a win-win for all involved. Plus with the technology available now, you can automate your webinars for extra leverage.

There is a proven model that you need to follow in order to maximize your webinars and I have created a step-by-step blueprint for a high-value, high-converting webinar.


As you grow, you’ll want to outsource your online business tasks to other technicians, staff members and software.

By having strategic processes in place for other people to follow and by using software, you can automate a lot of your online business. This means that you will have more profits with less demand on your time and resources.

If you enact all 13 components of the Framework for Online Business, you will have high brand presence and marketplace authority, increased traffic to your website and sales.

Our flagship progamme – Website Profits System – is an 8-module, comprehensive and step-by-step training that will help you put each of these factors into place in your business, for lead generation and sales automation; giving you more profits and more time freedom.



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