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How to Position Yourself for Super & Long Term Business Success – Mastery with Robert Greene

I have recently been reading Robert Greene’s amazing books – well in audiobook format. I started with the ’48 Laws of Power’ and then ‘The Art of Seduction’ (that’s an eye opener – learned a lot of life lessons – he says that EVERYTHING in life is a seduction), now I’ve just finished his brilliant ‘Mastery’.

His books give tremendous insight into how to be socially and emotionally intelligent in order to get ahead in your career and life. His books basically tell you to forget everything that you have learned through formal education and instead shows you REAL life lessons that are highly applicable and useful to forging an incredible life and business.

‘Mastery’ says that it is very dangerous to be living life doing anything other than what you love or that is not ‘your calling’ or highest purpose. Greene says that you will inevitably be replaced by someone younger, more talented or more enthusiastic about the work.

The only source of security and the highest form of power is mastery in your beloved field of interest. Once you have notched up 10,000-20,000 hours of action/practice/work in your field, you achieve this level of mastery and your perspective is unique – i.e. NO ONE can replace you. You are a valuable asset to the world and your field of interest and work.

So how do you achieve mastery? Become an apprentice to someone who you admire and is aligned with your life purpose, be humble, learn all you can from then, move on and serve the world. Keep learning, connect your bodies of knowledge together. The money will come.

This book was so very inspiring to me because it basically validated to me that the very varied, organic and seemingly disjointed career I’ve had so far has been a very wise choice of action – studied law at uni, managed medical research for local health service, wrote legal policies for university, telesales, dance instructor, singer, now in my own online business (my calling – combining all these previous skills and experiences).

Check out the video of Robert Greene giving a presentation t the Oxford University Union about the path to mastery an let me know what you think in the comments below



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  1. rohit Says :
    Posted on July 31, 2013 at 08:37

    yes, its really hard to do well in field where you don’t have any interest. like me passionate about travelling but stuck in SEO.

    • Laura
      Posted on July 31, 2013 at 17:46

      Why not do both Rohit?

  2. Grace Chatting Says :
    Posted on March 16, 2013 at 14:20

    Great post Laura. I just finishd reading “Mastery” on my recent trip abroad, so you are speaking to the converted. Absolutely brilliant. I certainly have clocked up the Studying and training hours (way in excess of 40,000 reckon) in my field and thats not counting the experience hours. However Personal Mastery can go beyond “your field”. As you know, Anthony Robbins (of whom I am a great fan) is a great proponent of “Personal Mastery”. The thing is, there is no end to it because each life stage brings new challenges and opportunity for learning new skills and building on “current” levels of mastery. There is always a next level. For me one of the secrets (and biggest area for improvement) of personal mastery is maintaining work/life balance and in particular the discipline required to achieve this. (The imbalance shows up around my waistline and hips 🙂 ) Also we live in a time of immensely fast social and technological change which means constant learning. But Hey! Isn’t life interesting and exciting?
    Grace Chatting (Personal and Relationship Coach)