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The 6 Principles of Influence – Essential For Your Online Marketing

The easiest way to build a strong brand is to factor in the 6 Principles of Influence that Robert Cialdini identified. These are…

  1. Reciprocity – giving first before expecting to receive or make a sale
  2. Commitment & Consistency – getting your prospect to make small commitments and agreements before attempting to make a sale
  3. Authority – establishing and demonstrating your credibility in your marketplace
  4. Likeability – being a likeable and interesting person/business
  5. Social proof – showing that other people have bought from your business, have a benefitted from it and are happy that they did
  6. Scarcity – adding a sense of urgency, that your current offer as it stands is for a limited time only

I believe these principles should be the absolute foundation of all of your marketing and factored into all of your online marketing strategies as a matter of routine. All of these elements are needed to make up a great marketing campaign and to generate online persuasion in your internet business.

Robert Cialdini wrote this ground-breaking book on influence and persuasion in 2007 and it’s been a business best-seller ever since. It’s heavily responsible for many of the multi-million dollar product launches. In fact, Jeff Walker refers to the principles a lot in his excellent training course Product Launch Formula.

I have these 6 principles of influence written out on an index card and refer to it regularly. My view is that they are the cornerstone of sales, marketing and particularly online persuasion, where you have minimal time to capture someone’s attention and persuade them to your POV or business offerings.

Check out my video below where I discuss each principle in more detail.


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