[column width=”115px” padding=”8px”][/column][column width=”650px” padding=”5px”]Hi, I’m Laura Wilson. I live in Devon, England and I have earned ££££££s many thousands of pounds laptop-millionaire-laura-wilsonin automated, passive income to a worldwide audience in my own niche markets online and I have helped lots of other people to do the same.

I am a small business owner and over the past 5 years I have become a recognised expert authority in both the natural health field (my niche market) and online marketing with my global brand, iBrand Boost. I have held several large seminars in these areas, spoke at large marketing events in London and am featured in my good friend Mark Anastasi’s Number 1 Best-Selling book, ‘The Laptop Millionaire’. I have high-level consulting clients and I can teach you how to make more money in your business with less effort – via the amazing medium of the INTERNET and online/social media marketing with my step-by-step, proven framework:


iBrand Boost Presents…


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In case you’re wondering, NO previous experience in either business or online marketing is required for you to succeed in this course and making money online. The OBA training takes you from scratch, showing you how to create a simple and potentially lucrative website and market it. Anyone can do this from scratch – even if you have no resources, specific skills, and are totally new to it. [features_box_light_blue width=”75%” + border=”1px”]


“£15,000 Added to My Bottom Line!”

lucy-johnson-fbf“I went from a standing start and iBrand Boost has allowed me to easily market my products online and added over £15,000 to my bottom line in the past 6 weeks.
I am so confident with what Laura & iBrand Boost does. I wanted to take my brand global and if you’re looking to so the same, Laura’s training allows you to effortlessly increase your brand while you get on with what you do best in your business. I would absolutely recommend Laura & iBrand Boost.”

 – Lucy Johnson, Owner of The Fully Booked Formula.com[/features_box_light_blue]

If you already have a small or medium business, you probably can relate to this:

As a Small Business Owner, Here’s the Problem…

You start of passionate about having your own business, the value you can provide to people, the difference you can make in the world and the freedom and money that you anticipate from it. But then…

You find yourself getting caught up in every day operations, administration, accounts, customer service. If we’re not careful, we end up as chief cook and bottle washer and everything else to boot. Let me ask you this:

Are You Working IN your business, rather than (or as well as) ON it?

This takes you away from doing your most profitable activities and your real areas of expertise, enjoyment and market place value. Your medium and long-term strategy and growth suffers as a result and your business is capped because it is linked to your time.

You feel over-worked and begin to lose your original passion and drive.

ENTER: The Solution… A simple, automated online system for sales an marketing. This cuts the tie between your time and your money and frees you up to focus on the most important, interesting and lucrative activities.


Renewed enthusiasm for your business, more free time, reduced expenses, greater capacity for new clients and customers, more sales, better branding, more money.

[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#669900″]The Online Branding Academy Is the Solution You Need To Give Your Income a Large Boost [/headline_arial_medium_centered]

The Online Branding Academy really is a great course to boost your brand by using the leverage in your business that is already available to you.

Here’s The No-Fuss STEP-BY-STEP Comprehensive Video Training Modules To Dominate Your Niche and Rake in Massive Profits…

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[column width=”100px” padding=”5px”][/column] [column width=”550px” padding=”5px”]MODULE 1 – BRAND BOOST Step-by-step tutorials to get you from A to B –  from obscurity to authority-figure with your online brand[/column] [end_columns][column width=”100px” padding=”5px”][/column] [column width=”550px” padding=”5px”]MODULE 2 – YOUR MONEY WEBSITE Creating a modern, professional, functional, easy to use and update, lead-generating, super site in less than 4 hours[/column] [end_columns][column width=”100px” padding=”5px”][/column] [column width=”550px” padding=”5px”]MODULE 3 – KILLER CONTENT Producing high-value, influential web content that builds rapport and effortlessly turns your prospects into buyers[/column] [end_columns][column width=”100px” padding=”5px”][/column] [column width=”550px” padding=”5px”]MODULE 4 – TRAFFIC GENERATION How to get lots of visitors to your website from multiple sources at low cost and for high conversions[/column] [end_columns][column width=”100px” padding=”5px”][/column] [column width=”550px” padding=”5px”]MODULE 5 – E-MAIL MARKETING Setting up your autorepsonder correctly and creating a highly-anticipated newsletter that creates loyal subscribers who want to buy from you again and again[/column] [end_columns][column width=”100px” padding=”5px”][/column] [column width=”550px” padding=”5px”]MODULE 6 – UNIQUE INFO-PRODUCT Creating your high-ticket product and delivering it in a secure membership site – the key to high online profits [/column] [end_columns][column width=”100px” padding=”5px”][/column] [column width=”550px” padding=”5px”]MODULE 7 – WEBINAR CASH MACHINE Creating a hands-off webinar that plays and sells your high-ticket product to your audience on a daily basis [/column] [end_columns][column width=”100px” padding=”5px”][/column] [column width=”550px” padding=”5px”]MODULE 8 – OUTSOURCING & SYSTEMS Streamlining and maximising your profits with simple project management tools and expert outsourcers for the price of a cappuccino![/column] [end_columns][/features_box_paper_white][column width=”85px” padding=”5px”][/column][column width=”650px” padding=”5px”]

You Have a SYSTEM That Works For You

The penny dropped for me whilst I was at a business seminar in London in early 2008. I saw a young man on stage talking about how he made over $10,000 per month on autopilot, whether he worked or not, via a website salespage that sold his $47 ebook.

Having worked in telesales for years, I immediately got that this online salespage was like having an army of telesales staff talking to your prospects and customers, 24 hours per day, never needing a day off and never requiring payment! It also saved the business owner from experiencing the rejection of most people not wanting to buy your products. 

You only hear about someone on your website when you are notified of a sale!

I knew then that that was what I wanted to do – I could see no more perfect career model in life – providing your expertise and passions via valuable info-products and being able to sell them for a good profit, without you having to actually be there!

So I set about learning the skills of online product creation, internet marketing, web design, SEO, social media marketing etc that was required to succeed in online business.

This took hundreds, if not thousands of hours, many thousands of pounds in going to high-level seminars like Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy in San Francisco, paying 5 multi-millionaire mentors and coaches to help me and lots of personal slog, patience, blood, sweat and tears! (not exactly what I had dreamed of lol).

Luckily, I was exceedingly persistent and after many failures, eventually I began to succeed online. I launched my first products (a guide to Twitter on Clickbank and an alkaline diet short book I wrote) and things took off from there, slowly.

There was a  lot of trial and error in all areas of my business – from experimenting with Google Pay Per Click advertising (and trying not to lose a load of money in doing so), to working out how to upload video to my website without spending £££s on a video tech guy.

The one thing that made a MASSIVE difference to me – what helped me to go from floundering and spinning my wheels in my business to success – generating an e-mail list of over 11,000 people and making very good money from my websites – was having a BUSINESS COACH and following their step-by-step training and advice.

I am a firm believer in following a proven model – why spend years wasting money and making mistakes that could easily be saved by consulting the wisdom of someone more experienced and successful than you in the field? The investments I made into coaching and training paid off, big time.

So for example, having learned marketing strategies and techniques from the very best internet marketers in the world, I can generate money online whenever I want, as well as having the freedom to work when I want and take time off whenever I want.

I can now send out a series of 4 e-mails to the subscribers on my list and generate over $1000 every time, without fail

Here’s some screenshots of sales notifications on my phone for one of my products in just one evening. I made over 20 sales of my $47 ebook and video course over 5 days, not bad for about 30 minute’s work. I do this regularly and, more importantly, SO CAN YOU.


Screenshots of Online Product Sales I Regularly Make in A Day!

£1,201.67 in 7 Days Through One of My FIVE Streams of Online Income…


[column width=”85px” padding=”5px”][/column][column width=”650px” padding=”5px”]This is just my PayPal account earnings over 7 days, which is pretty much hands-off. I simply get pinged notifications to say that I’ve earned some more money. This is just one of the current 5 streams of online income that I have. E.g. Clickbank affiliate sales, direct to bank account affiliate sales, client sales…

I have put the Online Branding Academy training modules together to help YOU to create a business and lifestyle that you love and that brings in a great regular, mostly hands-off income.

If you’re currently in a day-job and you want to earn a side income or would love to give up that job because it’s just not what inspires you, then this course is perfect for you. You need no prior business or internet marketing knowledge. You just need access to a computer, the internet and a willingness to connect a hungry market of online searchers to a relevant product.

“Move Over Dreaded Dead-End Day Job!
Say Hello To Passive Income and Total Freedom…”

Yes, that’s what can be achieved by having a simple online business: I choose my own (part time) work hours, holiday and travel abroad at least 5 times per year, spend time with my loved ones and friends when I feel like it and, most importantly, I make money whether I’m sat working on my computer or not! That’s the beauty of this – it leverages your time and resources.

Plus, I don’t have to pander to a boss, get caught up in boring, draining workplace politics, risk the possibility of being made redundant or out of work or commute.

We are so lucky that we live in an age which makes reaching an abundance of people all round the world with our online business so accessible and cheap. THIS is the new paradigm. THIS is the new model of reality. The industrial age is OVER. Information is the new currency. And, with information overload from social media and online advertising, GOOD information products can attract a premium price and and can make a very successful business, for the people that get this.


[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#669900″]Let’s Look at The Comprehensive Training Modules in More Detail…[/headline_arial_medium_centered][column width=”80px” padding=”5px”][/column][column width=”670px” padding=”5px”]

Module 1 – Brand Boost

laura-wilson-online-branding-academy-ibrand-boost-plymouth-chamber-of-commerceAchieve the 6 ‘P’s of Online Branding – Perspective, Positioning, Perfect Pitch, Presentation, Product, Promotions.


  • You are clear on your niche market and have a robust, well-presented brand that is a visible leader in your marketplace.
  •  Your own product created in under 4 hours, that you can sell on autopilot for as much as £97, or give away to generate leads.


Module 2 – Your Money Website

laura-wilson-online-branding-academy-ibrand-boost-plymouth-chamber-of-commerceYour website should be the hub of your business for greatest leverage and profitability in your business – so you can make sales even when you’re not working – your website does the selling and delivering of products for you.


  • Have own highly professional but inexpensive WordPress website set up on your own domain with a means of capturing online leads and selling your products.

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Module 3 – Killer Content

laura-wilson-online-branding-academy-ibrand-boost-plymouth-chamber-of-commerceGreat informational content is essential in attracting prospects and buyers online. Video is one of the most powerful marketing and web traffic generating tools. Plus it establishes credibility and rapport like nothing else. You’ll learn how to master online video easily to generate traffic and sales (and you don’t even have to be in the videos if you don’t want!)


  • Created your own OPTIMISED video for YT and embedded it on your site (and actually gets views).
  • Written high-influence blog articles for your site with correctly-formatted images.
  • Turn your article into a short audio MP3 file with a great free tool

Module 4 – Traffic Generation

laura-wilson-online-branding-academy-ibrand-boost-plymouth-chamber-of-commerceEvery website needs VISITORS and you need to actively generate them. In this module, I show you a number of ways to get a steady flow of targeted visitors to your site (and sometimes even an avalanche) that can be converted into your buying customers.


  • Strategically get super-targeted traffic to your website directly from Google, Facebook, YouTube & other people’s blogs.
  • Exploring paid advertising at a level you’re comfortable with.

Module 5 – E-mail Marketing

laura-wilson-online-branding-academy-ibrand-boost-plymouth-chamber-of-commerceBuilding a database of your prospects and customers’ e-mail addresses is a crucial part of your online business. I show you how to set up your e-mail campaigns, promotions and newsletters for maximum profitability and rapport.


  • Set up your newsletter that looks great and is technically correct, the rule of 20 – autoresponders that build a great relationship with your audience and generate you massive sales on your offers.

Module 6 – Unique Info-Product

laura-wilson-online-branding-academy-ibrand-boost-plymouth-chamber-of-commerceHaving your own product is the key to real profits, sense of fulfillment and expert brand positioning. I show you how to easily create a high end offering for huge profit margins. My blueprint shows you how to take the knowledge you already have and turn it into a super valuable info-product.


  • Created your own high-ticket informational product that you can sell for £1,000 or more and is delivered via a secure membership site.

Module 7 – Webinar Cash Machine

laura-wilson-online-branding-academy-ibrand-boost-plymouth-chamber-of-commerceWebinars (online seminars/presentations) are killer marketing tools and can convert your prospects into buyers like crazy – typically 10-30% and I have even converted at 44% on a webinar before. It’s easy when you know the FORMULA I show you for how to provide great value and sell to your audience. A true internet cash machine.


  • Have a webinar that plays and sells to your audience daily on autopilot – you can record one with my step-by-step formula or I give you a ready made one.

Module 8 – Outsourcing & Systems

laura-wilson-online-branding-academy-ibrand-boost-plymouth-chamber-of-commerceThe real key to wealth is making money when you’re not even working! I do this because I have set up a system that works for me to sell things online. I show you how to set up this system and also leverage the skills and time of other people to explode your business profits and run itself!


  • Have 2 powerful, super-simple and free project management tools in place to automate your business tasks
  • Have 5 important tasks done by other experts for £16! (for example – search engine optimisation, social media profile design, professionally format your ebook or video/audio product, write a press release…)


Plus You Get These Valuable FREE Bonuses!

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FREE Bonus #1: 2-Hour Salesletters

2-hour-salesletter-ecover-dvd-ibrand-boostThis 13-minute video has the potential to both save and make you many thousands of pounds for years to come. Great salesletters are the essence of infoproduct sales and great copywriters charge very high fees!

You’ll learn how to create simple yet powerful copy for your product that will bring you in automated website sales. Gone are the days of agonising over what to write to sell your product, here’s a complete simple blueprint that will have your salesletter finished in 2 hours.

Valued at £97

FREE Bonus #2: How to Make $900 a Month on YouTube

ibrand-boost-YouTube-video-OBA-bonusYou get a digital copy of the presentation I did at my recent large event, The South West Wealth Summit. We had top international speakers and people loved it. You get my presentation video for free as part of your Online Branding Academy membership and I walk you through how to make $900+ a month using YouTube with no website or e-mail list.

 Valued at £147

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[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#669900″]A Few More Important Things You’ll Discover in the OBA Training…[/headline_arial_medium_centered]

[black_arrow_list width=”100%”]

  • How to generate your 2 most powerful business assets (HINT: most entrepreneurs are COMPLETELY oblivious to these, even though they’re right under their noses and massively uniquely profitable)
  • The mega-powerful website plugins that will help automate your business
  • The one website that gives you a hoard of experts ready to do super-useful tasks for you for less than the price of a coffee
  • How to create a highly-valuable info-product in less than 4 hours that you can sell for £97 over and over again
  • The Rule of 6 that positions you as a world expert in your field
  • The one prospect-attracting tactic that will clean up at networking events
  • The new killer marketing strategy used by advanced marketers that gives you sales conversions of 10-50% (HINT: My friends have made $250,000 in 2 hours using this method!)
  • The free project-management tool that is fantastic for collaborative projects (HINT: I managed 15 staff and a whole offline event using this invaluable tool, it’s NOT Basecamp, if you’re wondering)
  • The three video content strategies to perfectly suit your budget, preference, equipment and communication style
  • The one strategy that creates instant and powerful empathy and rapport with your ideal clients (Slip This Into Your Marketing Arsenal And Watch Your Online Brand & Traffic Boom!)
  • The Framework for Online Branding that will pretty much guarantee a five figure per month online business

[/black_arrow_list][/column][end_columns][headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#669900″]And Here’s The Powerful Features To Help You Succeed[/headline_arial_medium_centered][features_box_paper_white width=”80%” + border=”2px”][column width=”100px” padding=”5px”][/column] [column width=”200px” padding=”5px”]Your Roadmap to Success Step-by-step tutorials to get you from A to B –  from obscurity to authority-figure with your online brand[/column] [column width=”100px” padding=”5px”][/column] [column width=”200px” padding=”5px”]Coffee Break Training Manageable chunks of content that you can watch and learn from in 30 minutes or less[/column] [end_columns][column width=”100px” padding=”5px”][/column] [column width=”200px” padding=”5px”]Modules Sent Monthly Every new training module is delivered to you monthly[/column] [column width=”100px” padding=”5px”][/column] [column width=”200px” padding=”5px”]iPad & iPhone Compatible Watch the video training on any mobile device or tablet, for convenience & flexibility[/column] [end_columns][column width=”100px” padding=”5px”][/column] [column width=”200px” padding=”5px”]PDF Guides Too Complementing the video training, you can download the PDF slides & action guides to read[/column] [column width=”100px” padding=”5px”][/column] [column width=”200px” padding=”5px”]24/7 Full Online Access There’s no software to download so you can access the training online on any computer (Mac or PC), anywhere in the world, 24/7[/column][end_columns] [column width=”100px” padding=”5px”][/column] [column width=”200px” padding=”5px”]Lifetime Access & Updates Training will be updated from time to time, you get full lifetime access to the new and existing resources [/column] [column width=”100px” padding=”5px”][/column] [column width=”200px” padding=”5px”]Secure Members Area Access the training in a password-controlled area with your unique user profile[/column][end_columns][column width=”100px” padding=”5px”][/column] [column width=”200px” padding=”5px”]Free Customer Support Access our customer service knowledgebase and e-mail support[/column] [column width=”100px” padding=”5px”][/column] [column width=”200px” padding=”5px”]Cancel Anytime
Monthly module training can be cancelled at anytime and you still have access to the modules you’ve already purchased[/column][end_columns][/features_box_paper_white]

[column width=”85px” padding=”5px”][/column][column width=”650px” padding=”5px”]

This Simple Training Will Give You These 5 Things:

[content_box_yellow width=”75%”]

1. Your own income-generating ready WordPress WEBSITE
2. Your own information PRODUCT, that you can easily sell for £97+
4. An influx of new leads & CUSTOMERS ON AUTOPILOT
5. Brilliant branding – making you THE GO-TO PERSON in your industry[/content_box_yellow]

Imagine What Kind of Difference an Extra £700-£10,000 per Month Could Make to Your Life

Come and join the Online Branding Academy Members’ Community Today [/column][end_columns]

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The information, strategies, tactics, action plans and templates you get in the OBA course are a culmination of my 6 years in online business – the best wisdom that I’ve gained from that time, having spent thousands of hours working in the field, testing, tweaking, finding out what doesn’t work and what does; learning cutting-edge training from the world’s best online business owners at high level seminars in California and London too.

It is the this blueprint that has allowed me to make many thousands of pounds on autopilot and be financially independent and you can do the same.

Other high level online training sells for £997-2997 and my course is worth this, for the countless hours of mistakes and wasted money that you will save, as well as the potential for the money you can make by directly applying the step-by-step simple plans.

Let’s look at another business training course – the MBA.

An MBA Business Degree Would Set You Back £61,400 And You’d Come Out of It With No REAL Business, Product or Sales of Your Own!

Yep, that’s right – £61,400 for the 3 year MBA course according to current UK university quoted figures. Plus you’d be 4 years older and STILL have NO BUSINESS! You’d have just a load more debt and theory – that’s mostly outdated anyway, since online business changes so rapidly and this stuff simply isn’t taught in academic institutions.

I was going to charge £1997 for this course and at that price it would be excellent value, given that it contains the blueprint to a completely leveraged business, that could make you hundreds, thousands or even millions of pounds. However, I decided to make it more accessible to people just starting out, as well as established business people, so your investment is…

Just £97 Per Month
or £497 in Full Upfront (Save £279)

The price for your subscription to the OBA is a very modest £97 per module for a limited time only (that’s a 50% discount off the regular price of £197 per month), delivered monthly over 8 months. Or you can secure an even greater discount by paying for the course in full upfront for £497 – a saving of £279.

That works out at £3.23 per day, or £2.07 if you pay in full now. I could say that this is just the price of a daily cappucino, if you’re into that sort of thing, but I’d rather say this…

Wealthy People Know That The Best Investment You Can Make is In Yourself & Your Education

In fact T Harv Ecker, best-selling author of The Millionaire Mind Intensive and creator of the Millionaire Mind Intensive worldwide seminars (that I’ve attended and benefited massively from), suggests that we spend no less than 10% of our income each month on our continued education. How much would that equate to for you and are you currently dong this? This advice – which is from his simple ‘6 Jars’ money management system, has made more more millionaires than virtually any other money management strategy. You’d do well to heed it if you are looking to be financially free.

My Billionaire Friend Says Online Brand is ‘Crucial’…

Bill Bartman, BILLIONAIRE, named “National Entrepreneur of the Year” (Twice) by USA Today, NASDAQ, Inc. Magazine, Ernst & Young, and The Kauffman Foundation and author of The Billionaire Secrets to Success, told me this on Facebook:


So a mere £497 (or £97 per months for 8 months) on this practical, simple, bite size, lucrative training is a real no brainer.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to act quickly to secure you training at this low monthly rate. It is only available at this price for the launch period only. After that, the price will be going up to £197 per month, or £997 paid in full.

[guarantee_box_1 title=”Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee”]Sign up to the Online Branding Academy today and go through the training. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied within the first 30 days, then simply send us an email requesting a refund and we will give you your money back. Also you can cancel your subscription to the monthly training at any time.[/guarantee_box_1]

[features_box_light_blue width=”75%” + border=”1px”]

“I Love Working With Laura”

raymond-laura-ibrand-boost-natural-health-and-vitality-conference“I have traveled from Canada to speak at two of Laura’s events so far and I love working with Laura! She does such great work in the world, helping many people and she can certainly help you reach more people in business and make a bigger difference out there and also in your own income.

 – Raymond Aaron, 8 Times Best-Selling Author, International Speaker and Radio Personality, North America’s #1 Success Coach, author of “Branding Small Business For Dummies” book [/features_box_light_blue]

[features_box_light_blue width=”75%” + border=”1px”]

“I’ve Made My First Sales While I Sleep! So Exciting!”

adel-anwar“I went from a standing start and iBrand Boost has allowed me to easily market my products online and added over £15,000 to my bottom line in the past 6 weeks.
I am so confident with what Laura & iBrand Boost does. I wanted to take my brand global and if you’re looking to so the same, Laura’s training allows you to effortlessly increase your brand while you get on with what you do best in your business. I would absolutely recommend Laura & iBrand Boost.”

 – Adel Anwar, Guinness Book of World Records holder for having the “Greatest Memory Ever”, as well as featured appearances on the BBC, FOX, and the DISCOVERY CHANNEL, founder of World Memory Seminars.






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