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Laura Wilson – Owner of iBrand Boost

As a fast-growing business in hospitality and entertainment, technology, IT or specialised online services, you know just how important engagement with your audience is. But at the same time, you’re busy managing your systems and people, looking after your clients, optimising your products and services and getting out there getting new business.

The majority of businesses that are in your situation – growing fast and doing really well – are bootstrapping their social media and online content marketing and, unfortunately, this is their Achilles heel.

The fact is, that in order to get free and high-profile media coverage, to attract more clients, to be able to effortlessly rise above and out of the pool of competition and to be able to charge more for your services and products, you absolutely need a strong online ‘presence’ and strong brand.

Most fast-growing businesses do NOT have a social media strategy. They are NOT producing regular website posts. They are NOT creating weekly engaging content that will build a loyal following and compel people to share with their network and contact. They are missing out on reaching a large part of their market and not keeping their current audience engaged.

When it comes to online marketing, you’re either CONSISTENT or NON-EXISTENT. Which one are you?

Hiring a dedicated Social Media Marketing manager is expensive and it’s hard to find a good one who really knows what they are doing. Why? Because if they did, they would probably be building their OWN business and brand, rather than working for someone else.

Here’s where I can help you…

I have been in online business and growing my online ‘platform’ and brand since 2008. I now have a substantial online audience in terms of my mailing list, social media followers and good, solid online content that people engage with. This has been the crucial factor in my recently signing a worldwide book deal with a major publisher Hay House.

In 2009 I expanded my business, iBrand Boost, to take on select high-level clients to do the same for them. Clients I work with include multi-award winning technology companies turning over 7 figures per month, authors, hospitality businesses, software companies, executive coaches and TV personalities. I am known as an ‘expert’s expert’ in online marketing and brand building.

In short, I can help you build your strong online brand and platform that will be a major factor in getting your business to the next level and will have your social media presence reflect the growth, strength and pace of your core business.

The benefits of having me help you build your online brand and social media marketing? You get enhanced online authority, visibility and gravitas, as well as more engagement and effortless rapport-building with more of the type of clients you want to attract. All of this contributing to cold, hard, bottom-line sales.

Also, your online brand presence should be a MAJOR factor in your exit strategy. When looking to sell your company, your online database of prospects and customers and social media accounts are salable ASSETS.

My business, iBrand Boost, has been helping people like you for over 7 years and I have a dedicated team of expert content creators and marketers eager to serve your business, under my strategic direction.

You’re in safe hands and here’s what I’d like to do for you with my Online Brand Building & Content Marketing For Fast Growth Companies & Experts done-for-you services package…

Initial Set-Up

  • Consultation Call: 1-1 Skype or phone call with me, Laura Wilson, to establish where you are, your goals and the priorities for your online marketing. (Value £200)
  • Benefits: Laura’s 7 years of expertise in online marketing and platform building will be invaluable in setting a clear path for you to move forward in the best way for maximum brand boosting, engagement and profitability.
  • Keyword Audit: Full keyword research done to establish the key phrases most searched for in your niche and to base your content (articles, blog posts, FB updates, images, videos) around. (Value £200)
  • Benefits: Gives you best chance of being ranked in Google and other search engines and social media platforms to bring you in more website visitors. Also ensures you are creating content that your audience wants to know about.
  • Social Media Profiles Established & Optimised: Profiles set up for you on Facebook (business page), Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. We will create bespoke cover graphic images for each profile with as many revisions as you like to get it exactly how you want it to look. We will optimise each profile for maximum search results and traffic generation. (Value £600)
  • Benefits: Social media is an integral part of your online platform and marketing but unfortunately most businesses get it wrong. We have successfully been doing social media marketing since 2008 and have built profiles for our clients from zero into the 10,000s. We know how to set you up properly to maximize engagement and conversion from social media fan to website visitor and customer. If you are looking to establish yourself as a credible expert and go to person in your field or want to secure a book deal with a major publisher, you need a strong social media presence, which we will help you achieve.
  • Website Review: Full website audit and recommendations to maximise your site’s profitability, based upon our acclaimed 10-Point Website Checklist For Business Owners. (Value £500)
  • Benefits: This can literally save you and make you £1000s extra per month. The recommendations are based upon 10 specific elements that have been proven over 1000s of data points to increase website engagement and sales. The review will give you the best chance of making money directly from your website on autopilot. This is gold dust.
  • Complimentary copy of ‘The Website Profits Report: A 10-Point Checklist for Business Owners’: My 67-page report has had rave reviews from other entrepreneurs and website owners and can really help you get your website working effectively for you and your brand and making you money. (Value £67)
  • Benefits: Leverage of my years of online marketing and working with clients to maximise website profitability. Apply the 10 things in the report and you’ll save £1000s and likely make at least £5,000 extra directly from your website. Give it to your web designer to make sure your site is engaging and influential, as well as well-designed and visually appealing.

Complimentary Extras If Needed:

  • Autoreponder/List Building Software: Set up and integration of a third party autoresponder service like Aweber, MailChimp or Constant Contact with your WordPress website. (Value £100)
  • Benefits: An autoresponder helps you to build your database – THE MOST IMPORTANT element of building your platform and your online business by far. If you use your own web host to send out build e-mail  to your contacts you will run into trouble – your e-mails will likely be delivered to your recipient’s spam folder and your hosting company will shut you down. In order to build and speak to your audience of 100s, then 1000s then 10,000s, you need a reliable 3rd party service.

Total value of all above: £1,667

Monthly Content Marketing (3 month package)

  • Articles, Website Content & Press Releases: 4 unique articles/website pages/blog posts/press releases written per month and uploaded to your website or a press release site and syndicated widely – after being fully approved and finalised by you. (Value £960)
  • Benefits: Takes the pressure off of you to constantly come up with and write new content. It will take you 10 minutes to review and add some personal input into the article, as opposed to 3 hours to research, write and upload the article yourself.
  • Infographic/Meme Creation & Instagram Marketing: 8 unique, colourful, high-quality eye-catching infographics created per month and uploaded to your Instagram account, optimised with caption and hashtags and syndicated with Facebook. (Value £1440)
  • Benefits: Infographics are great ways to represent your website content in a visually appealing and shareable format – many go viral and can attract you a lot of new social media followers and website visitors and some of those will convert to new paying clients. Instagram is the best place to post infographic and meme images to maximise their visibility and your brand.
  • Facebook Marketing: 20 unique and brand-boosting status updates/posts per month to your business page and engagement with your audience (liking and replying to comments and messages, if desired). (Value £300)
  • Benefits: Facebook is the largest social network and it’s very important to have a strong brand presence and loyal following there, since your existing and potential clients are there all day, every day. Our daily posts will complement your own posts and your ‘voice’, meet your audience where they are, engage them, encourage them to share and like your content and to go to your website – where you can convert them into buying customers.
  • Twitter Marketing: 20 unique and brand-boosting Tweets per month to your profile and engagement with your followers (replying and retweeting, if desired) (Value £300)
  • Benefits: Like Facebook, Twitter is one of the largest social networks and it’s important to have a strong brand presence and loyal following there. Our daily tweets will complement your own tweets, meet your audience where they are, engage them, encourage them to retweet your content and to go to your website – where you can convert them into buying customers.

Every 3 Months:

  • Facebook Special Promotion – Contest: We will craft a special promotional contest on your Facebook and social media profiles whereby people who share and like your page have the chance to win a prize, as determined by you (Value £150)
  • Benefits: Contests can greatly increase likes, shares and website subscribers and customers in a short period of time. They keep your page interesting and can help it go viral

Testimonials From Happy Clients


Initial set up (value £1,667) plus 3x monthly content marketing (value £2,250) = Total Value of £4,217

For next 3 businesses only

3-Month Package, £3450

Or get a considerable discount by going with an annual plan, worth £16,868 

Annual Package, just £8950

Imagine how much more time you’ll have without the technical burdens of having to do EVERYTHING yourself. Make your life easier and grow your brand with all your online marketing done for you by me and my small team of true experts in this field. Leaving you to shine as the EXPERT IN YOUR FIELD.

Optional Extras:

WordPress website set up: £950

Membership site set-up with Digital Access Pass: £750

YouTube interview recorded with you and turned into 10 optimised videos: Starting at £950

To get started, please e-mail me to make a deposit payment of £100 via PayPal and we will invoice you for the balance, which can be paid in 3 equal monthly installments if you like (for either package). I am happy to discuss the packages and your needs with you on Skype if you’d like.

Please e-mail me at laura[at] to get started or to book a Skype call with me to discuss.

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Thanks and I very much look forward to speaking and working with you.

Laura Wilson,
Owner and Founder of iBrand Boost,
Online Brand Building & Social Media Specialist and Hay House published author

P.S. The packages are for either 3 months or 12 months – many of my happy customers opt for the annual package with the huge savings it offers but you are welcome to renew on a 3 monthly basis if you wish, after the first 3 months.

P.P.S. I have a small expert team and we work with you directly 1-1, so I can’t take on too many clients. At this point in time, I only have space for 3 more clients and the packages usually sell out when I offer them. So if you want to take advantage of this offer, please act quickly!