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Optimizepress 2.0 Review – Why It’s The Best WordPress Theme

Many people create websites for their businesses but let them fall stagnant by not optimizing their site to its full potential. It is important that if you are using your site to aid your business, be it through sales or just to get your company name out there, that you keep on top of the maintenance of your site and maximise it where possible.

Optimizepress holds the answer to this and has helped tens of thousands of people to grow their business in a huge diverse range of markets, get their products & services online, or deliver their digital content and training in an online membership site…and I love it! So much so, that we have written a dedicated press release to herald the new version! Check it out here: iBrand Boost press release about Optimizepress.

Three years ago James Dyson, owner of Optimizepress, started building a tool that has set the benchmark in website building. His aim was simple, to create an easy and quick way for internet marketer, entrepreneurs, online marketers, product developers and small business who wants to create a killer landing pages and membership areas quickly by using the power of WordPress.

The newly released Optimizepress 2.0 offers the chance to emulate the websites and successes of industry leaders and build premium online sites that look amazing and require little extra work. You can customize your page to your brand, deliver content and create an online authority in your market.

I was very lucky to have been given an advance complimentary copy of OP to review and use on my sites, since I have been a good affiliate and advocate of the first version. James is a real sweetie for sending me a copy and he once commended my Alkaline Diet Health Tips site as being a ‘beautiful use’ of his theme 🙂

Watch my video review of OP 2.0…

In version 2, the OP team have identified 5 core pillars that establish, grow and convert an online business, based on thousands of data points and users of the premium WordPress theme.

1. Appearance makes the difference

How we project our image and showcase your products and services matters. With precious seconds to create a lasting impression the need for visually appealing content and delivery is vital. Web design, programming and coding can be a daunting process to master on the road to achieving your goals. Optimizepress offers a brand new service with pre-made templates that give you the chance to create a stunning design in minutes. Drag and drop elements from live editor are also available when more design customization is required.

2. Mobile responsive websites

Having fully mobile-friendly pages is key in today’s online market and it is a hugely growing platform. With access being crucial to your success in the ever developing world this may prove to be a vital practice. Everything needs to be mobile responsive. Mobile readiness is at the forefront of Optimizepress and their systems. Every page you create with their system is mobile responsive instantly and their custom framework means that your webpage will scale down to mobile devices, tablets and other portable devices. Meaning that no matter what platform being is being used, your customers are offered a seamless experience. Also, with live editor options you can customize which content is available to which platform you choose.

3. Technology makes the difference

Challenges and frustrations limit progress and slow the whole process down. Technological problems offer the majority of problems which slow down businesses in the creation of a killer website. Optimizepress’ content means that you do not need to be a techno wiz to link content to a profitable solution. Live editor allows for instant changes in the website to be made at the click of a button through very easily usable menu and modular systems.

4. Authority makes the difference

Authority in the market is very lucrative and creating a professional, reliable and trusted source creates repeated business and customers. All businesses are only as big as their following and customer lists. Users comment and share on your services, purchase your products and can raise your profile. Optimizepress offers you the chance to create a powerful blog that is a great way to attract and communicate with your audience. The clean, customizable service is perfect for transforming your visitors in to subscribers. Content is also covered with membership portals that look fantastic and you can secure your content so that only members can view your work.

5. Time to market makes a difference

The more frequently you get your messages out to your audience the larger the profile of your business will be and profits will increase through exposure. You need to capture your niche audience through landing pages that draw them in. Optimizepress effortlessly allows the creation of sales pages, membership portals and landing pages quickly and effectively.

Cornered around the 5 core pillars, that are vital to success, this software offers great features that will save expense and time right from the get-go, giving you time to concentrate on creating an outstanding product to launch, or compelling content for visitors to sign up to your site.

All-in-all OptimizePress 2.0 is a powerful platform to transform your squeeze pages, sales letters, offer pages, launch funnels and membership sites into quite simply, an optimized and professional display. Check it out here: Optimizepress 2.0 Website


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