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The Difference Between a Business Owner & Business Opportunity Seeker

It’s a fact that 90% or more of people starting an online business fail. This is evidence by the fact that the vast majority of websites online today get zero traffic – hence no possible way to make any money.

Every day, thousands of people eagerly embark on setting up an ‘online business’ but are they really serious about OWNING an online business SYSTEM or are they business OPPORTUNITY SEEKERS? And what’s the difference anyhow?

Many people get disillusioned when they face something they’re afraid of, or simply get distracted by the bombardment of shiny objects, advertising and various other things designed to get your attention online.

I add my 2 pence on this topic and talk about the dangers of being an opportunity seeker and how to overcome them, check out my video below.

Let me know in the comments – does any of this ring true for you? How do YOU overcome being distracted online and stay on track with growing a serious business?

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